It's just like, I have to wait a whole year for Sherlock season 4 to start and I've already been waiting for 2 years! I'm a mess and also in my other favorite T.V show Supernatural Sam and dean are like fighting and dying and Cas is human now and I'm just flipping out. I have no idea what to do other than cry in a ball and sit there and rot. I don't have any other plans. What am I supposed to do? I forgot KEVIN IS DEAD!! (Kevin from supernatural) I cried for about 10 hours straight after that episode. I also just watched episode 3 season 2 of Sherlock and let me tell yeah gurl, I have never cried so much in my life (yes...yes I have). I mean with Sherlock jumping off that building and "dying" and John's speech to Sherlock. I cried my eyes out. I seriously need to get a life all I watch are T.v shows, but they are just so good! I can't stop watching the. Anyways now I'm just typing until they won't let me type anymore. How's your life? Mines... Ok. I still am mad for Sherlock not arin

I changed my mind, go back Home.

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