I can't be a real person. Because I can't focus on anything or do anything I always disappoint people. I can't make anything good. My OCD is out of control the medication is not helping. And I haven't gotten into any colleges, I have been rejected. I used to get good grades but the OCD flared up and told me "terrible things will happen if you do your work in these specific classes." So I failed classes, and everyone blames "senioritis" for my failure. And they hate me because I am lazy from my OCD but they don't know about the OCD. I can't get out of here and everyone is mad at me. I can't get out but I want to get out so badly. I used to have friends but they found out I was a lesbian and they hate me now. Everyone hates me and they are so scared of me. I don't do anything good I just terrify. And I don't want to change in the locker room because I don't want to scare the girls there. I deserve to be fucking quarantined when I change. And I'm scared for my safety in this town I live in. I get yelled at so much. I can't find my people, I know there are other people out there who are like me and they would not hate me if I was just kind and helpful to them and kept my mouth shut, and just helped them because I would love them enough to do that for tolerating me! But I can't find them. I don't want to be this person anymore the person who is leading up to a life of loneliness and physical hurt. People really hate me they want to beat me and kill me. I wish I was one of them outside of me, then I could beat on me too and not care about me anymore. I care way too much about myself. I am writing this expecting to get a response because I care so much about myself even after all this!! I still want to be uplifted by a stranger!!!

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