It sucks because I want that one best friend that everyone else seems to have but the 3 of my closet friends aren\'t an option. One already has that spot filled, the other has too many \'best friends\' and can\'t pick one (even if she did I doubt it would be me), and the other doesn\'t want a best friend because she\'s been through bad experiences in that area. It sucks because it seems like all my friends are closer with each other than with me. And because my friend of 5 years doesn\'t seem to want to be my friend all that much anymore. I can tell that I ignore her 90% of the time. It scares me because we used to have the most fun conversations but now it\'s nothing but silence when we\'re left in a room together. And it\'s just so annoying because I know people have it worse, that some don\'t even have friends and that their are worse things going on in the world but it stills sucks. I just want a best friend that I do everything with. I wish I at least had a dog to fill in that spot.

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