Hey there. I\'m a girl and I\'m currently in high school. I\'m having a lot trouble with a couple of different things, but mostly with being gay and the way other people are treating me because of it. I have a few friends that I can talk to about some things, and they\'re pretty good listeners, but they usually don\'t know what to say or how to help. There\'s this teacher that I had last year, though, who is the kindest, most wonderful person I\'ve ever met. I really want to go to her and talk to her about everything that\'s been going on with me, but I don\'t know how to ask her or how she will react. We\'re not particularly close, and we\'ve never had a heart-to-heart like that. I\'m very shy and not confident in myself which is making me even more afraid to try and approach her for help. I\'m just so tired of keeping it all to myself. Could you please help me figure out how to ask her for help? Or do you think I should forget it and not talk to her? I\'m just so scared to say anything.

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