I have been skiing since I was three, raced competively for years, and now I coach. Three months ago I broke my vertebrae, clavicle, and got my 5th concussion by going off of jumps while skiing. I was so lucky to have many supportive friends and family, and I recovered quickly compared to many with similar injuries. Today I got in a car crash, smashed my entire front, and obviously fucked my back up again. Luckily the woman in front of me was not hurt, and her car was barely damaged. I leave for camp in two weeks, and I am the activity head of wilderness training and canoeing, I am gone for the entire summer. Three days after camp I start my first year of university (on the opposite side of the country). I have worked so hard to prepare myself for this summer now I\'m worried that I will not be able to preform to my best abilities. I feel so guilty for putting my parents through so much, and messing up the woman\'s morning. I am not an anxious person but I can\'t stop crying and worrying

I changed my mind, go back Home.

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