i dont know what to do about my alcoholic father. he relapsed four years ago and now he\'s on a downward spiral. my mother and him are separated and im glad they are because he was never good for her. but now he\'s all alone. my siblings do not answer his calls anymore and i dont blame them. last christmas he didnt even give them anything just me. and i hate him for it./ the only reason i even talk to him is because im scared he will end his life and we wont get any closure. and its driving me insane, pretending to be okay with talking to him when in fact i just want to scream and tell him how much i hate him. its just not fair. we have spent most our childhood walking on eggshells because of him, understanding him, scared of him and now im 21 and im glad i study far away from him but sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have a father who i can talk to honestly especially now that i live in a different city with no relatives around.

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