I won't make a long intro. My boyfriend used force on me for sex. he didn't get inside me but thats not the point I guess. Until his cum he forced me. I can't even describe that shit. And after he finished he told me "that was your fault, you shouldn't act like this". And I told him, "When I ask you to stop you have to stop". I'm living in a very fucking sexist country. I can't do anything about this shit. And all I'm thinking now what the fuck will I do? How can Ä° be with anyone anymore. How can Ä° trust anyone. I'm sick of being a woman. The most modern men in my country like this. Can you imagine? what should I do now? how can Ä° live with myself like this. I can't afford a therapist because they're so fucking expensive. I will lose my mind. English is not even my native language, the feelings I have I'm not even close to describe it in english. But I don't have any choice. I don't wanna share this with anyone but without sharing I'm going crazy. I hope this will reach out to someone who care at least a little bit. I need help.

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