Since I was young, my mother\'s used me as her personal therapist for her marriage issues with my father and her family issues. I love my mom and I love to support her, but she constantly makes me feel like I\'m in the middle/need to choose between her and my father. It\'s gotten so bad over the years that I\'ve asked them to get divorced on multiple occasions. I\'ve had talks with her about her oversharing yet she continues to do it and doesn\'t seem to understand why I shutdown and withdrawal. Even now that I\'ve moved out, I\'m sent right back into a depressive spiral when she calls to complain about these things. I know neither of my parents are perfect but I don\'t want to say something that will wind up being the deciding factor of whether or not their marriage survives. I don\'t think it\'s fair that she constantly puts that responsibility on me. It makes me feel isolated and frozen and I don\'t know where to go from here.

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