So in the past few months, I\'ve been in love with this guy and it\'s been an emotional roller coaster. I\'m really confused. I always determine that I\'m strong and independent, and that I don\'t need to pine after him like this because it\'s pathetic and I am better than that. And then, each time I am ready to move on, something always happens. He will hold my gaze for a fraction too long when we talk about the things we have in common, or he will sit next to me and ask me (literally, no lie) to \"tell him things\" like I\'m some sort of oracle and he is the one miserably pining away. And then, after these perfect, hopeful moments pass, he will move on again--blatantly ignoring me, acting like I\'m invisible, and so on. So I decide to be independent again, and he comes back. Again. I don\'t know what to do, and I\'m afraid to leave it up to fate. It hurts to hold, but I\'m scared to let it go, because I know it will hurt worse. I don\'t know what to feel or think anymore.

I changed my mind, go back Home.

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