I\'m always terribly insecure when I\'m in a relationship. Yes, I know it\'s kind of stereotypical and probably a lot of people are, but it\'s something that matters to me, something that bothers me. I\'m always afraid I\'m too annoying, too clingy, that one day my partner will leave because I annoyed them one time too many. I\'ve had friends do that to me for years, so if they can\'t handle just being my friend, how is a partner going to handle it? It\'s almost a crippling fear, and it often keeps me from enjoying relationships to their fullest potential because of my fear of being abandoned for just being myself. I\'ve also had a couple of the people I\'ve been in relationships with source that as the reason they dumped me as well. So it\'s a mostly justified fear. But I still hate it, and wish that somehow I could get over it. Maybe someday I can.

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