I\'ve been with my boyfriend for about 3 years. He\'s also my best friend and a brother to me. We\'re extremely close and open with each other, but since the past year till early this year we have been arguing a lot and i admit that i was quite dependent on him. It\'s only recently that I realised that somehow he just feel obliged to love me. He still says he cares about me and he loves me and i\'ll forever be his soulmate, but I think I traumatised him when I said casually that I wanted to get married to him before I suspected his \"obligation to love me\". He\'s still my everything and i\'ve never cheated or laid eyes on anyone else and I don\'t know if there\'s a chance of us getting back together or even him to treat me in the same loving way again. I\'ve always cared about him but I admit I do have my selfish moments and I realise that now. He also has flawed actions and I just feel he\'s not putting in enough effort or just really tired of me. I don\'t know what do. I don\'t know anymore.

I changed my mind, go back Home.

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