I feel utterly helpless and alone. It\'s actually kind of funny because all of my friends always talk about how I am the happiest of the bunch and how I am the straight A student, and how much everyone loves me. They also give me shit about \'being to nice\' and how I make them feel bad about themselves because I am always so perfect. I am not perfect. I am broken and struggling to keep the piece together, I am strong on the outside but on the inside I am crumbling down and I am scared I won\'t be able to last much longer. I want to be that perfect always happy girl they see but I am not. I want to tell them how I feel, I actually did tell one of them. they snorted and told me to quit with all the drama and stop thinking depressing thoughts, it\'s all up to you she told me. she asked my why I was looking for attention, I of course distanced myself from her and now she\'s mad at me. I just want to be strong and love myself but it\'s so hard, Am i really being that over dramatic?

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