I have always been a jealous person and not long ago have struggled with anxiety. I have been getting better with controlling it however sometimes I let it get to me, and it is small things. I have done this before and again did it today, honestly because I was bored and creeped on my bf\\\'s social media. I saw that he posted some picture he wanted to show a girl and he tagged her in it, it wasn\\\'t anything inappropriate just of a celebrity but I wanted to know how he knew her. All I know is that she works at some restaurant and he sometimes goes there with his friend to eat. I don\\\'t know why it bothers me and I am curious wanting to know who she is but I know if I bring it up it would cause a fight and he will think I don\\\'t trust him, which I do but I let me anxiety level get high and jealousy too. I don\\\'t know how to handle it when stuff like this happens and how to stop being a detective on everything he does.

I changed my mind, go back Home.

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