I grew close to this guy the last few months of spring semester. After the semester ended, we texted everyday and have seen each other twice. The second time we saw each other, we cuddled. Things most likely would have gone further, but we were drunk and fell asleep instantly. After the cuddling we still spoke daily. One night he offered to drive 3 hours and invited me to visit him for a weekend and said a bunch of cute stuff like how he just wants to hold me and see me and how being with me was all he wanted for his birthday. I unfortunately couldn\'t go see him that weekend he invited me, but afterwards we still talked daily. Our messages were never forced and always flirty. As of a few weeks ago we stopped talking all together. I brought up wanting to see him, and he completely blew me off. I started to develop real feelings for him and I thought he had them for me too. I\'m so confused. How could he want me to meet everyone important to him one week and not talk to me the next?

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