how many times is it acceptable to get someone to talk to your crush for you? my friend brought him to meet me and he said i was really pretty and a few days later, she gave him my number in which he said i was really pretty again. he\'s had my number for 2 days and he hasn\'t texted me. he\'s probably just busy or he lost the paper but it still upsets me. we don\'t have any classes together but i see him in the hallway sometimes but we can\'t stop because of time limit and the crowds. he\'s in the same lunch block as one of my friends and i was talking to her at the edge of the lunchroom and he walked around the edge of the lunchroom, basically right next to us (which he never does because his class is on the other side). i want to talk to him myself or text him but i know that if i get his number, i\'d never have the nerve and i don\'t want to stop him in the hallway and make him late and i also don\'t want to keep pushing it if he isn\'t interested.

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