this is probably going to sound stupid but im really confused and could use a good opinion. so ive liked this guy for a while (couple of months) and hes been one of my good friends for years. he knows i have these feelings and at first he seemed like he liked me back but then i dint know what happened he said he was going through a lot and had a lot to think about. that was a few months ago and we havent talked about it since. we are in band class and marching band together which means were together concstantly everyday (music is a big part of both of our lives) and we go on a lot of band trips that are far away and we always sit together on these long trips. when were on the bus we cuddle and hold hands and he plays with my hair and we listen to music and its perfect but i dont know what it means. i just dont want to look stupid and take it the wrong way. please help

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