I always feel so useless. I have no discernible talents, other than writing and I am often a mediocre writer at best, am terrified of the future, have no motivation or energy to do anything (not even horseback ride, I own two horses and have ridden all my life), and know that my current career path (english professor) will lead to be being debt ridden and unhappy. I can\'t help but feel anything I do will make me unhappy. I always say the wrong things; I lie, unconsciously; and have no great stories to offer the world. My parents are emotionally abusive; I\'m overweight (five foot two and 150lbs); I\'m tired and dizzy all the time; I can only stomach to eat about one meal a day; and have a knee injury my parents refuse to acknowledge. I\'d rather smash my foot with a sledgehammer than walk another step down my path. Thank you for your time -Evan

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