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Welcome to the EBC Extras page. Here you can view the badges you've earned, adjust your preferences for carrying bags, and more.

Maybe relationships are your specialty. Or you're great at giving career advice. Select your bag preferences and we'll match you with the bags that you can answer best. These scheduled bags arrive in your inbox for you to answer, but your information will be kept anonymous to the checker of the bag.

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Carry a scheduled bag and get a badge! How many can you collect?
Note: At this time, badges are only earned for scheduled bags that you set through Carry Preferences and receive in your inbox to answer.

We're giving thanks to our carriers who spend so much time and effort answering scheduled bags. We would love to send you small gifts and an occasional letter if you're interested in hearing from us via mail! Just enter in your mailing address below.

Thank You Carriers!

The only reason EBC works is because of carriers like you! Please let us know if there are any ways we can make your experience on EBC better. We love to hear feedback on the website, ideas for new features for carriers, and everything in between.

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