How To Conquer Holiday Stress

Feel like knocking back that 5th glass of eggnog? Hold up just a quick minute. There’s a better way to handle those pesky questions from Aunt Sue and that pressure from holiday gifting.

1. Go for a run
Just a quick jog around the block will boost your endorphins and give you that I-can-do-anything feeling. Extra stressed? Focus on your breathing while stretching before you start your run.

2. Take A Quick Nap
You may be more irritable if you stayed up late last night. Let your body and mind recover with a 20 minute power nap. Don’t sleep too long though, naps that go beyond 40 minutes can backfire.

3. Talk To Someone Who Cares
Just talking or writing about your problems can relieve stress. We suggest writing to the EBC Doves on—for just $10 they’ll send you back a message of comfort and advice.

4. Focus On Others
You don’t have to go full volunteer mode (although this time of year, there are plenty of people that can benefit from your help) but taking the time to focus on a friend can soothe those spinning wheels in your head and boost that holiday cheer.

For more ways to de-stress, explore and see how it works.

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